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The Diffpack Product Line is an object-oriented problem-solving environment for PDEs.

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Complete, Flexible and Efficient

The Diffack Product Line consists of the following units:

These products gives you a complete set of C++ tools to create advanced numerical applications.

Diffpack allows easy modification and combination of all numerical building blocks, resulting in few restrictions on the types of PDEs you can solve.

Diffpack's layered design ensures flexible APIs and computational efficiency competing with tailored FORTRAN codes.

Technology Leaders are Using Diffpack

Technology leaders such as Intel, Petrobras, DaimlerChrysler, NASA, Canon, CEA, Shell, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Sandia Nat. Lab., US Air Force, Natexis BP and universities like Stanford, Cambridge, Bristol, Cornell, Rice, Chalmers and EPFL are using Diffpack in areas like geology, geophysics, chemistry, finance, medicine, physics, electronics, mechanics and mathematics.


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