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Diffpack allows easy modification and combination of all numerical building blocks, resulting in few restrictions on the types of PDEs you can solve.

Diffpack modules

The Diffack Product Line consists of the following modules:

The main module Diffpack Kernel

and optional the Toolboxes:

  • Diffpack Adaptivity Toolbox
  • Diffpack Datafilter Toolbox
  • Diffpack External Linear Solvers Toolbox
  • Diffpack Multilevel Toolbox
  • Diffpack Parallel Toolbox I
  • Diffpack Pre-/Postprocessing Toolbox
  • Diffpack Structural Toolbox

These products gives you a complete set of C++ tools to create advanced numerical applications.


To download any currently available Diffpack version, please select your operating system above.


DEMO-license keys (for Diffpack Kernel only) can be ordered online by using the Demo License Key Request form.

Note: For the Diffpack Toolboxes no DEMO-License are available. Toolboxes can be ordered by email

For more information and help please use the online help or visit our Diffpack web page.


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