Product Line

Good Reasons


Diffpack is used world-wide

Diffpack customers include major industrial enterprises, consulting companies, software vendors, research institutions and universities in such diverse areas like oil & gas, mechanical engineering, telecommunication, medicine and finance. These customers are found on all continents.

Diffpack at the Universities

At the universities, Diffpack has found its way into most natural science departments including disciplines as mathematics, chemistry, physics, geology, medicine, mechanics and information technology.

Diffpack supports the way you think

Diffpack works the way you think and encourages computer implementation of your abstractions. The object-oriented approach makes it easier and safer to approach complicated problems.

Diffpack increases productivity

When using Diffpack in contrast to starting with empty files or starting with procedural libraries, you are closer to the solution of your problem. Diffpack prepares the ground for safer codes, shorter development cycles and reduced man costs - it provides more power and elegance, and more fun!

Diffpack supports generality and efficiency

Traditionalists believe that C++ and object-oriented design is inefficient. Diffpack has proven that this dogma is false. Independent research results shows that general object-oriented implementations in Diffpack compete with implementations in FORTRAN and C tailored to specific problems. For large and complicated problems Diffpack wins this battle!

When your standard product cannot help you

In cases where your standard end user application cannot help you Diffpack can. Diffpack makes it possible to fill in the gaps in functionality of standard products in a cost efficient way.

When no standard product exist

If you plan to do something really new Diffpack is the point you should start. If you're a system vendor or simply cannot find any applications that meets exactly your needs, Diffpack is general and efficient enough to solve your problem.


With Diffpack simulators you have run time control over a wide range of basic numerical algorithms. You can change e.g. equation solvers, preconditioners and finite element definitions with a click.

Result control

With Diffpack you can configure your custom made simulator to perform sequences of runs over your choice of input parameters. Run 1000 experiments over night and read the nicely formatted result reports when you arrive in the morning! Use your favorite web browser and interact with the simulation results or produce nicely formatted documents in ASCII or LaTeX.

Good programming style

Diffpack stimulates to use safe and consistent programming style. It reduces error situations, minimizes debugging and let you construct logical and readable codes.

Easy to use programming environment

Diffpack offers an easy to use platform independent programming environment on Unix/Linux. On Windows it comes fully integrated with Visual C++.

Excellent documentation

Diffpack is renowned for excellent documentation. On all levels, from detailed programming guides to in-depth reports and articles, you will experience the support you need to efficiently find the optimal solutions.