Product Line Description

Pre- and Postprocessing Toolbox

Diffpack Pre- and Postprocessing Toolbox (based on GiD) developed to have a general interface for the creation and import of complex geometries und meshes and for the postprocessing of results.


Geometry Options

This new toolbox provides you with an interface that gives you the freedom to define your geometry by using for example:

Meshing Options

It offers full meshing possibilities, for example:

Furthermore, this new interface also allows you to import meshes and geometries from other industry standard applications, for example IGES files, Parasolid files or NASTRAN meshes.

Calculation Process

This new interface also provides you with functionality to choose your own Diffpack application. To define the Diffpack settings the Diffpack GUI opens within the new Pre- and Postprocessing interface. The process can be started easily, and the results are automatically written in the required file format.


The Diffpack Pre- and Postprocessing Toolbox also gives you the opportunity to view the results of several analyses/steps. Possible displays of your results include:

Altogether this new toolbox offers a variety of functions to enable the deployment of a very convenient pre- and postprocessing for your Diffpack solver.