Product Line Description

Datafilter Toolbox

This toolbox helps you load industry standard FEM meshes into Diffpack.

It is suitable as an interface to most external preprocessing tools and mesh construction programs.


Easy Import of External Finite Element Meshes

As a complement to the preprocessors available from the Diffpack Kernel, this toolbox lets you enjoy the capabilities of your favorite preprocessor, and then load the resulting grid definitions and boundary conditions directly into your Diffpack application.

Most commercial preprocessors are able to store meshes in at least one of the following three industry standard formats:

To ensure a broad coverage of external preprocessors, these three formats are all supported by the Datafilter Toolbox.

Embedded in Your Application or as File to File Converter

You can use the Datafilter Toolbox either as a linkable library or as a set of stand-alone programs:

Additional Preprocessing Tools

In addition to the Datafilter Toolbox, the Diffpack Kernel provides preprocessors supporting lattice grids, transfinite mappings and super-element techniques as well as interfaces to GeomPack and Triangle.

The Diffpack Adaptivity Toolbox gives you fingertip control on adaptive mesh refinement, which provides significant enhancement of the Kernel and Datafilter preprocessing capabilitites.