Install, Compile and Run

Getting Started

The Diffpack Distribution consists of a quite large directory-tree. This tree consists of the Diffpack libraries, header files, scripts, documentation, verification codes, applications, utilities, etc. In total it sums up to a around 180 Mb for each platform. The reason for the size is that Diffpack is a Development Framework and not a stand-alone application (which usually would be a few megabytes and a few files).

Notice: Applications linked against the Diffpack Distribution need a license key to run. You can receive a free DEMO-license key using the menu item "Get a free License Key" from this webpage.

Used with a Demo License only, this Distribution is suited for simple evaluation of Diffpack. It is not suited for serious development, as its functionality is restricted as follows:

Terms and Conditions

Please notice that usage of all items accessible from this package is subject to the following terms and conditions.

Detailed Instructions

The installation procedure is designed to handle the correct setup of some necessary environment variables. Manual adjustments are needed for the system path. Find in the following list detailed instructions to install, compile and run Diffpack:



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